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released September 1, 2010

Producido por Daniel Anselmi
Producción adicional Germán Pérez y Carlos Servetto
Grabado y mezclado en"Música CaReta" entre enero y febrero del 2010 por Daniel Anselmi.
Masterizado por Joaquín García en Santiago de Chile.

Voces, guitarras, programaciones_ Germán Pérez
Voces_ Camila Sapin
Guitarras, programaciones_Carlos Servetto
Baterías, Programaciones_ Flavio Galmarini
Bajos_ Patricia Iccardi

Sinthes, programaciones y máquinas varias: Daniel Anselmi
Coros en “In The Mirrors”: Milagros Nicola, Lucía Ferrando (“Los Revoltosos”) y Martina Giovanneti

Closet es: Flavio Galmarini, Patricia Iccardi, Germán Pérez, Camila Sapin, Carlos Servetto en música.

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Closet Montevideo, Uruguay

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Track Name: The one behind

have you slowed down?
I remember when we're shadows
I just need some more

did you steal my
anger when I grew up in silence?
I can't let it go


Born to use
please don´t ask
where I am
you know it´s too late

went so far
with your style
you burned my soul

can´t look inside me


Do you remember those days?
When I really tasted your mind
there was nothing left behind
waiting just to let me kill that minute

do you remember my way?
When I never realize
that you were the one behind
in that situation, looking for my piece of mind


born to abuse
wasting lives
coming back
it`s an illusion


there's no chance
to rewrite
what you've done
with so much anger


have you slowed down?
I remember when we're shadows
I just need some more

did you steal my
anger when I grew up in silence?
I can't let it go
Track Name: Hold
once in a while
we find ourselves
where we shouldn´t be

I left my life behind
just t be in your dreams

my brain gets high
smooth feel right
there´s nowhere to hide

every morning I wake up
without those thoughts on my mind


once in a while
we find ourselves
where we shouldn´t be

I swallow my pride
and then I realize
I don´t deserve it

no time for regrets
just stand up and say
I won´t dress in black for you

stop your parade
I´ll just find a way
how do you like it?


up in the sky
trying to find
what´s coming next on my mind

every sensation
there´s no translation
for what i´m looking for

take me to the next limit
I admitted my commitments
now I want to explore yours

every morning I wake up
with all those thoughts on my mind
Track Name: You and me

where is your face?
deep inside.
show me the next,
give me something I can be proud of this time


open this door
I know is closed
but isn´t fair
going through this life without finding an answer

you grew up so slowly


let's go inside
you and me
let's spend time
waste me

I know you'll find
all those things you'll never want to miss

lets go outside
you and me
it's been a long time
since you,
kiss me

I'll let you go,
you wont regret
what happened while you're gone.


I try so hard
to leave behind
this pulse inside
and all attempts to have a beautiful life


i´m all alone
and it is fair
despite this times
drag me far from who i want to be last night

you grew up so fast!


you'll never know


drag me far from who I am
Track Name: In the mirrors
settle down
I got to choose
please don´t ask
i´m speechless
it´s my chance
to be a hero
I'm a mirror
let me go down


did you do it?
i`ve seen the breaking news in the media
everyones running out of nowhere
and now you are looking for the meaning

people still
looks in the mirror
no one seems
to disappear
I'm not dreaming
it´s your mistake what brought us here
don´t ask me to stay calm
nothing´s gonna calm down
Track Name: Video
last time you wanted me
an important part of me was drowned
and you left me there

now you come here
my body lies in the same place
and lies in the same ways

hit me


don´t take me to the video
i can make myself

don´t take me to the video

you´re my sister
you don't´need this party
you know I am not a martyr

keep your distance
where were you when my resistance
destroyed everybody?

I wanna be with you
but tonight
I really hate this part of you
Track Name: Sleepless night
Come with me to this journey of love
wanna try some of this stuff?
You`ve got no time, you have to decide
I don`t mind the decisions you hide

devil comes, devil goes, but I´ll stay
´cause I paid for eternal grace
then I rent some salvation for you
in exchange for the meaning of truth


Catch me now if i`m falling
I could spread your love all around
when I woke up that morning

I knew we gonna be together

all alone in this journey of lust
the road is tough but the distance is long
pick me up at the end of this time
I`ll be waiting for a sleepless night

but i respect all the people I hate
living those lies, running after desires
people think they´re awake from their sleeps
get to me just to reach into bleach, bitch!
Track Name: POU
i think that you overdose your design
you overact every move, every night

you didn´t answer my questions
answer my questions

you wanna know if i think you´re right
i think i know everything you desire

but my response is subjective
my response is subjective


don´t wanna talk about the time you spent in you,


in you and your best friend
in you and your best friend´s best friends

once in a while take a look inside
reach out your conscience and leave it behind

my image will disappear
will disappear

now i get used to being alone
I always knew friendship turns into love

you didn´t answer my questions
answer my questions

don´t wanna hear about it
it´s almost over

don´t wanna think about it
it´s almost over
Track Name: Mystical violence

Do you want to belong?
Do you wanna come inside?


Where do you find your love?
it´s gotta be down low, in your hearts

what are you looking for?
no one`s gonna ask you, so ask first

don´t forgive us now
you know that it´s too late, and we hate fate

and now it's time
for us to find
what's true in our destiny...


you wanna know?
just keep it low

we´ve got a mystical violence
in our desires

you wanna know?
just keep it low

we got to use use use what God gives us


we put some light on
our transmissions, babe

there's no love
and no reason,
and no reason
Track Name: No lose
i wanna know,
tell me why you choose to act that way?

don´t wanna know
the type of clothes you wear

and the meaning of their loneliness

slow down
people try to meet me in the afternoon

you know,
i win
because you
leave your body here
leave your body


i realize
i probably spent all my life
singing for you

you want to give me more time,
last night you tryed
you know that i am gone

and then you misbehave
trying to scape
dancing till dawn

you know i´m gonna dance too
gonna dance too
gonna dance too


I wanna know
why do you always make me feel indecent?

you got to know
the distance between you and the bottom of yourself

it`s gone now
when you try to look your image is so far away

your time`s up
you should have thought about it
you should think about it

she is beyond my reach
she´s gonna keep me in her wound

get me home
Track Name: You are so beautiful
you are beautiful
dressed in black

should I run away?
or stay on the ground?

In this mellow days
it's hard to find

find myself when I'm on my way
on my way down


just a little of your taste now
just a word that you would like to say

with every thought between the silences
comes a new mistake


I've been thinking `bout the future
it`s almost black

everytime I try to reach you
I get lost in the past

if i look for my answer
in your dreams

I `ll find someone better
anyone but not me


it gets better
when it turns to blue?


life you chose
takes you where you want
the love you refuse
brings you back to where you don`t wanna be